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Immune System Reprogramming (ISR)

Immune system reprogramming (ISR) is a variant of Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET), founded in the 1980s by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, a California-based acupuncturist. NAET is a noninvasive, drug-free, alternative therapy to address allergies and chemical sensitivities. The underlying theory of NAET suggests that allergies develop due to energy blockages, and that allergies can be eliminated by addressing these energy blockages through acupressure treatment. NAET practitioners use “muscle testing” to assess the strength of a muscle while the body is in contact with a potential allergen (or a homeopathic preparation of that allergen). NAET practitioners will then aim to remove the energy blockages by employing acupressure while the patient holds a glass bottle containing a homeopathic preparation of the allergen. The most commonly used acupressure procedure in NAET is the “back tapping” procedure. The practitioner taps the patient’s back with one hand from the neck down to the lower back and up again. Because many acupuncture points are present along both sides of the spine, the back tapping procedure is a fast and easy way to stimulate those points. Although it has not been accepted by mainstream medicine, NAET treatment—with no documented side effects—has been used by thousands of healthcare practitioners worldwide to treat allergies and sensitivities, especially in children.

One challenge of using NAET is that it is inconvenient, often requiring a large number of office visits. Based on a recent survey of NAET patients, some reported needing 50 or more office visits to resolve one allergy symptom. Another challenge of using NAET is that the allergy may return some time after the treatment is finished. To perfect NAET technique and improve clinical results, I developed ISR, which has four key differences as compared with NAET:

  1. ISR addresses energetic conflict and imbalance that result not only from allergies and sensitivities but also from other abnormal immune responses, including autoimmune response and imbalance of signal molecules.

  2. ISR uses an EDS device to detect energy conflict and imbalance and to imprint that information to make specific homeopathic preparations for treatment.

  3. ISR provides a home kit and teaches patients to perform a back tapping procedure at home every day, which significantly speeds up the healing process and helps the body move through the chaotic stage in as few as three months.

  4. ISR also teaches a “self-tapping” acupressure procedure as an alternative to back tapping, which is convenient for self-treatment at home.

It should be noted that ISR is just one of several therapies that would be used in a broader holistic healing program, and is mainly helpful in treating the chaotic stage. ISR does not treat the root causes of immune dysfunction but serves to calm down hypersensitive immune function and pave the way for other complementary healing modalities. Without other therapies that focus on detoxification, bacterial and fungal overgrowth, and tissue regeneration, results achieved from ISR will not hold. However, used in combination with TCM, modern homeopathy and EDS technology, ISR represents the newer generation of energy and information medicine modalities.



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